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Mitsubishi 3F-H Style 40 / Diamond 3000
(All sizes in mm)

Please refer to the press schematic to determine the correct rollers and quantities.

Mitsubishi Stripe Settings

  • B 2-3mm to A, 3-5mm to C
  • E 3mm to F, 4mm to C
  • D 5mm to upper C, 6mm to lower C
  • HQ 5mm to C, C
  • H 5mm to C, J, 6mm to K
  • M 5mm to C, 6mm to K
  • L 5mm to C, 6mm to K
  • N 4mm to K, 3-4mm to DB
  • W 3-4mm to plate, 6mm to K
  • X 4-5mm to plate, 6mm to K, 4mm to P
  • Y 4-5mm to plate, 6mm to K, 4mm to P
  • Z 4-5mm to plate, 6mm to K, 4mm to DB
  • DQ 5-6mm to plate, 3-4mm to DB, 6-8mm to DR
  • DT 10mm to DR

Always set stripes lighter than Manufacturer's specifications.

All ink rollers include bearings.


Configuration Diagram

Note: Diamond 3000 users a longer oal on the DQ water form 45.906 MI226 water form.

Early 3000's use same W/FM as 3FH style.

Note: HQ Distributor is an opitional roller used in the newest ink train. Older presses may not use it. HQ used in Serial #1074 and after.




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